Isnin, 30 Ogos 2010

Life in Exeter

Watching Man Utd Against Chelsea (Charity Shield)

Playing Football in campus

Farewell dinner for Ajit

Ajit (India), Me, Winston (Jamaica), Darren (Trinidad and Tobago) and Fendy (Singapore)

After the game

Exeter city (2) Vs (2) Bristol Rovers 21 August 2010

tribute to a player who just passed away because of cancer

Fendy (Singapore), Winston (Jamaica) and me

Ahad, 29 Ogos 2010

Cadbury World, Birmingham, England

Surfer made from chocolate

In the Chocolate factory

DJ made from chocolate play musics

Biggest cadbury store in the world

Manchester United (3) Vs (0) West Ham, 28 August 2010

Rooney score the penalty

Gambar Old Trafford dari luar

Me and Fendy & family from Singapore

Me and little Nabila, Fendy's daughter

Me in the stand after the match in which United won by 3 goal to nil against West Ham